E-Cigarettes Can Be a Threat to Cyber Security Too

June 20, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

The Ponemon Study recently released their new study saying where an average enterprise loses $6 million to ineffective endpoint security approaches. Furthermore, it revealed that “organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to identify dark endpoints — the rogue, out-of-compliance, or off-network devices that create blind spots and increase an organization’s vulnerability to attack”. The results of the study are alarming but it should only invoke IT specialists and internet users to become more vigilant when it comes to endpoint security. Especially when any device that can be plugged to the computer and can access the network is a potential link to a cyber attack. 

Find out how even an E-cigarette can open the doors for hackers. Read this article. – Gail Limpin

Read the source article at IT SECURITY GURU

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